Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good News and March's Goody Bag WINNER!

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been sort of absent recently. I also forgot to post the winner yesterday for the contest! I have been a little preoccupied this week as I just found out I am PREGNANT with my 3rd child! (Due in November). :)

Anywho, without further ado,

the winner of MARCH'S Goody BAG is...

SHELLEY!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Otherwise, I will be back to posting regularly very soon I promise!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Herbs and Essential Oils for Emotional Detoxing

This is a post for the March Herbal blog party at! This month's topic is emotional detoxing!

As many of us know emotions can directly affect ones physical health. Detoxing emotionally can be a difficult thing during certain times in our lives. The good news is our plant allies can help support and nourish our bodies during these times on not only a physical level but also on an emotional one too showing us that cleansing is not only for the physical level.

My personal favorite methods of emotional detox are smudging and using hydrotherapy combined with essential oils. I also like to burn uplifting essential oils. Nothing is as cleansing to me personally.

Here are 10 useful ways to use plant medicine for emotional detoxing;

- Oats- eat them, drink them as an infusion or even used as a tincture. Whatever way you can! Oats can help you get out of a funk! They are calming and nourishing. They will help clear your mind and lift mental fog so you can move past.

- White Sage- I like to smudge with white sage and clear the air of any stagnate or negative energies. This really works for me. I think just simple intentions also count for something. White sage is deeply cleansing for physical spaces and those who occupy them. I find it helps to clear my head and heart and help lift away any clouds of negativity.

- Astragalus- Yep astragalus! This herb helps protect your organs and is also good for strengthening a weakend person emotionally. I find it useful for those that feel run down due to emotional situations. it will also help balance your physical health too as it is a great immune tonic. Good all around!

- Lavender- lavender is my go to herb for anything emotional. It is deeply soothing and helps clear the head and calm the heart. My favorite way to use lavender is oil in the bath. I swear I douse myself in it during emotionally tryng times.

- Siberian Ginseng- helps protects the heart and the body's ability to adapt to stress. It can be helpful during letting go of emotional stuff.

- Stinging Nettle Flower essence- this flower essence can help one let go of situations that no longer serve you and helps with anger.

- Juniper berry essential oil- is very helpful in situations where you feel like you are on toxic overload due to your emotions. This can help! It really will help with stress and nervous tension.

- Grapefruit essential oil- This oil is very uplifting and revitalizing. Very good to use in situations where you are tryong to detox on an emotional level. This would be one of my top choices! (with lavender being first!) I like to mix the two in an aromatherapy burner or even just a room spray. Oh so good!

- Rose- rose in any form will help in situations involving the heart and mind. Rosehips, rose petals, elixir, oils, etc. it's all good. Rose nourishes the soul and will help you in "letting go" as well as being extremely comforting.

- Cardamom seed- Helps in strengthening one emotionally. It is good for clarity. The good thins with cardamom is you can add it to baked goods, tea, cocoa and food.

There are so many different ways to used plant medicine to heal on an emotional level. These are just a few suggestions!