Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tiptoeing through patch!

We seriously have the largest mint patch I have ever seen in our backyard! It's so awesome. This pic was from a few weeks ago so it is much more overgrown now as well!

Now to try to utilize it beyond year round tea supply (which we take full advantage of). We have made ice cream, chocolate dipped mint leaves, mint choco cookies, syrup and more! But I also know there is more we could do with it! I am thinking foot scrub, shampoo,foot soak, foot butter, foot mask, lip balm, chest rub, toner..hmmmm..the possibilities are endless and I really just want to roll around in mint today! :)

Herb Tuesday- Week #4

Just a few things from this week..

-studying materia medica

-made insect repellant in class

-worked on garden master plans & medicine wheel

-map of community garden

-contacted a local herbalist in my town. hoping to connect soon!

-tulsi is the shit!

-we had our herbal ally feast! it was so awesome!

-birthday cake! yay!

-tea, infusions, tisanes,etc. on the brain..i'm a little obsessed and have many jars brewing and icing, etc. LOVE it! Next up, water kefir and ginger beer..(again!!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Herb Tuesday- Week 3

This week was long. Tuesday's are definitely like my little haven of serenity! Sorry I have no pictures this week.

What I did;

-Worked in the gardens a little everyday. I have been working on digging new flower beds and herb beds and I've also decided I want to make a medicine wheel with herbs. I can't wait, but alas it will have to wait until next summer, but I will get the spot ready now.

-Made a list of activities to do with my plant ally (Lady's Mantle) . Still looking for more ideas.

-I'm putting together herbal baskets for my clients (new moms) & Etsy shop. So I've been rying to figure out what I want to make and then will be experimenting with concoctions and finding testers to try them. (Are you a new mom? Want to try some herbal goodies for free in exchange for feedback on my products? Email me at )

-Restocked my menstruum supply and quickly used it all up making more things!

-Harvested st johns wort and processed oats in class today.

There's more but I'm exhausted tonight! I will add more tomorrow if I remember anything!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Herbal Tuesdays- Week 2

This week I spent more time in my gardens..planning..dreaming..getting to know the plants even more that are already there.

Otherwise I feel I could have gotten more done this week. Had a little accident involving a broken plate. (I'm ok just cut up!) But it slowed me down this weekend for sure.

Things I did this week;

-Harvested & dried more plants

-Planted tulsi, tea tree and wormwood. (Thanks Tony!)

-Made Kava Honey, next up is chamomile honey!

-Made a list of all the plants I want to grow. Next a list of growing and start times, then where in the gardens I want them. I seem to have alot of seed that needs cold stratification..

-Bee Balm is starting to bloom and I have a tray of bee balm seedlings going in 3 colors!

-Calendula is growing and meadowsweet and scullcap are sprouting up.

-Found a patch of lavender mint up in the herb hill beside my house and transplanted some into the lower gardens. Heavenly! Also transplanted 15 lemon balm babies!

-Made various tinctures and elixirs- I'm also experimenting with using vodka, whiskey and brandy.

-Dug up plants to share with my class (more lemon balm babies!)

-Researched my ally some more

-Spent too much time on Steepster (my vice!)

Otherwise I had a lemon balm roundup publishing but it was all wonky so I had to revert it back to draft for now until I get a chance to fix it. My html is also major rusty and for some reason that is the editor on my blog, so that's coming soon!