Thursday, February 11, 2010

Herbal Storage Solutions

I am always fascinated by other herbalists herbal storage areas and home apothecaries. Since I have gone through 2 huge moves this past year (once from AZ to MA and then again to VT in less than 12 months) my herb cupboard is needing restocking in a big way. I have been basically just been buying whatever we need ready made due to lack of space! Which is not as satisfying as making my own medicine!

But it's now time to get organized as we are moved and settled it's time to get back to medicine making again! (yay!) So, I have been thinking about how I want to store my herbs here at this house. Especially in anticipation of what we will grow this summer!

I also have 2 kids, 3 cats and a puppy so I need to keep them in mind (and OUT!) when coming up with solutions. I am stumped as to what to do!!!!!! I need storage solutions though as I am getting a large-ish herb order ready and need to get the space ready for storage.

So to Google images I turn!!!!!!! I have listed a few images above to get inspiration from. Now if I can somehow combine them ALL in one giant organized center I'll be set!

I have previously used a whole hall closet and also a jelly cupboard. The closet was too large and eventually took a life of it's own. The jelly cupboard too small and overstuffed that it actually split the sides!! I left my jelly cupboard behind as it was falling apart but bought a larger new one last spring with the intention of storing herbs in it. (instead it's full of yarn!) Ahhh well!

Anyway so far my solutions are to use a couple of pantry shelves or use one of the bedroom closets. Neither which appeal to me. We also have a small laundry room with some cupboards. Nothing is inspiring me here though at all! ackkk!

For the time being I think we have decided to use some built in shelving in my partners office. (away from pets and kids). Maybe it will be a good long term solution but I'd rather have a piece of furniture or a cabinet. Or maybe even in the kitchen pantry instead as it's more readily accessible.


Where do you store your herbs? Link a picture in the comments if you are so inclined! (or just tell me about it!)

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