Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012 or Bust!

So it seems like 2011 was a bust for me as far as blogging and putting together my herbal life. With a new baby and moving I have just been out of sorts I guess you can say. I am always seemingly trying to catch up and Catching Up has been my theme this year! My new theme however for 2012 is Getting Stuff Done that I LOVE!!

Right now I am taking Demetria Clark's Master of Aromatherapy course. It is completely online and something I LOVE. The whole reason I was led to herbal healing was through aromatherapy, so it is a joy! I am learning about many oils I had no idea existed too! Which is exciting!! I am hoping to knock this course out within the next couple of months or so. Winter is a wonderful time to work on this in Vermont! I have so many new concoctions in my head! Plus a long list of reading material I want to complete as well.

So much to do, so little time!

On an unrelated note..I found my herbal thin mints picture pinned on Pinterest! Totally flattering and I am so glad someone is actually reading my lame ass blog out there! Sometimes I wonder if it is just robo bots on my page at times! But now I know I actually have real live readers! WOOHOO! Anyway, it was a really validating moment for me so THANK YOU to whomever repinned my photo! It totally made my day! :)


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