Monday, February 6, 2012

Kitchen Apothecary!

I am busy stocking my herb supplies and rearranging my kitchen. I think I need to get some more shelving though. Currently I use an old jelly cupboard/pie safe but my baby is starting to show interest in getting into it! Not to mention it is beyond overflowing. Maybe I can put a lock on it somehow, but it seems like I need much more space.

My choices are to move all my herb stuff into the sewing/art room or redorganize the kitchen! So I am choosing the latter. But what a pain! I just got several cases of bottles too and I have no idea where to store them! I also need more gallon amber jars for storing herbs and making infused oils. (expensive!) I wish I had not gotten rid of all my medicine making stuff when I moved across country! Ackk.

I am off to search Pinterest for ideas!

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