Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Herb Tuesday- Week 3

This week was long. Tuesday's are definitely like my little haven of serenity! Sorry I have no pictures this week.

What I did;

-Worked in the gardens a little everyday. I have been working on digging new flower beds and herb beds and I've also decided I want to make a medicine wheel with herbs. I can't wait, but alas it will have to wait until next summer, but I will get the spot ready now.

-Made a list of activities to do with my plant ally (Lady's Mantle) . Still looking for more ideas.

-I'm putting together herbal baskets for my clients (new moms) & Etsy shop. So I've been rying to figure out what I want to make and then will be experimenting with concoctions and finding testers to try them. (Are you a new mom? Want to try some herbal goodies for free in exchange for feedback on my products? Email me at aprilmoonflower@gmail.com )

-Restocked my menstruum supply and quickly used it all up making more things!

-Harvested st johns wort and processed oats in class today.

There's more but I'm exhausted tonight! I will add more tomorrow if I remember anything!

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