Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Herbal Tuesdays- Week 2

This week I spent more time in my gardens..planning..dreaming..getting to know the plants even more that are already there.

Otherwise I feel I could have gotten more done this week. Had a little accident involving a broken plate. (I'm ok just cut up!) But it slowed me down this weekend for sure.

Things I did this week;

-Harvested & dried more plants

-Planted tulsi, tea tree and wormwood. (Thanks Tony!)

-Made Kava Honey, next up is chamomile honey!

-Made a list of all the plants I want to grow. Next a list of growing and start times, then where in the gardens I want them. I seem to have alot of seed that needs cold stratification..

-Bee Balm is starting to bloom and I have a tray of bee balm seedlings going in 3 colors!

-Calendula is growing and meadowsweet and scullcap are sprouting up.

-Found a patch of lavender mint up in the herb hill beside my house and transplanted some into the lower gardens. Heavenly! Also transplanted 15 lemon balm babies!

-Made various tinctures and elixirs- I'm also experimenting with using vodka, whiskey and brandy.

-Dug up plants to share with my class (more lemon balm babies!)

-Researched my ally some more

-Spent too much time on Steepster (my vice!)

Otherwise I had a lemon balm roundup publishing but it was all wonky so I had to revert it back to draft for now until I get a chance to fix it. My html is also major rusty and for some reason that is the editor on my blog, so that's coming soon!

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