Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Choosing an Herbal Ally

One of the courses I am starting this winter is a new course with some very talented herbalist friends of mine over at Brighids Well Herbs , which starts November 1st. (The course is called "The Magic and Medicine of Plants" and is a 12 month long online intensive- check it out if you are at all interested, it's going to be alot of fun!)

Anyway I was asked to pick a plant ally before the start of class. I am finding it a little daunting as my allies have always tended to pick ME in the past. ...Datura, violet, fairy duster, evening primrose, dandelion, mesquite... I have not been doing much foraging or plant gathering in a long while either so I am finding it a little more difficult. As well as being unfamiliar with alot of my regions plants (I have studied mainly desert plants for 10 years!)

So what is an herbal ally you ask?

In my experience it has been a plant I choose to connect with over a long period of time to study, it is one to use regularly and in many different ways and get to know on a more intimate level than just learning about what it does medicinally but also energetically too. I have devoted journals to my allies in the past and have really learned a lot and much in an intuitive way too. It really is amazing how you can connect with plants like this. An ally is a plant that will teach you as much about yourself as it will about the medicine IMHO so it should be chosen carefully!

The herbs I am currently drawn to aren't calling me in ways I have previously been called in to study a specific plant either. I guess you could say I am a little stumped over this. Though I am confident the right plant will present itself I am a little confused currently. I did have a run in with horsetail last week which drew me in a little so that is a possibility but it doesn't really excite me like my past allies. I also was introduced to Egyptian Blue Lotus this summer by another local herbalist. It is a wonderful would like to learn more about, at least from the one experience I had using it! I am interested in learning and using it more but I am just not sure it's the one..I have been enjoying rose, chamomile, peppermint and lavender this whole pregnancy (My go to pregnancy herbs) but they just seem so common. Though maybe I should stick to something common? Hmmm...

In past courses I have been more hit over the head out in nature doing field work when an ally has chosen me. Feeling a bit of a disconnect right now. So I am working on this. I know it is probably just from being out of the loop with my herbal studies, working with plants and just liing amid the plant world in general! (I'm feeling sooo out of the loop!) I am really SOOO glad I am getting back into the groove now though! I need this!

Maybe I will have to get out my herbal tarot deck and see what is calling me that way?

Anyway I will update here when I finally choose! : ) But this is where I'm at today!

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