Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm back in the land of the living! (mostly)

This pregnancy has thrown me for a bit of loop I'm afraid! So, my blog and herbal studies have gotten put on hold for awhile. Sorry to have just up and disappeared. I feel really badly about that, but what can you do? Things are going well though and we are counting down the days until our little one arrives!

I am now officially in my last month of pregnancy and feeling pretty great. Just looking forward to birthing day! I am also trying to get back into my herbal studies for the winter as well as some medicine making, studying and writing. I may even stock my Etsy shop w/ some herbal creations in the new year! So stay tuned and I will be blogging here again more regularly now with updates!

Right now I am working on getting a large herb order together (mostly culinary herbs & spices this month as I need to stock my pantry in a bad way!) and getting ready for a class I'm taking to start November 1st. As well as working on my SWSBM coursework. In the coming weeks leading up to my due date I plan on finishing some things in preparation for birth and postpartum as well as starting some herbal medicine making for winter and giftties for the coming holiday months. Nesting, nesting and more nesting! I feel like it's time to start cozying in for baby and the cold months..and I have lots of projects planned to keep me busy through the end of the year anyway!

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