Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This & that from the last week or so

ginger bug for making homemade herbal soda. the first one i let ferment too long so i had to start over! you can read all about making herbal soda's,kombucha and kefir here!

michael moore's materia medica i am studying for one of the SWSBM courses i am taking!

new plant journal for recipes, notes,etc.

bee balm honey i infused over the summer that is almost done and needs straining soon. i let it sit longer than normal as i only had a limited amount of plant material. (next year I am planting a HUGE patch of bee balm wherever we land!)

herbal tarot

(still trying to come up with an herbal ally! thought i'd try the tarot approach)

comfrey roots.

my partner felt sorry for me cause this was all my 9 month pregnant self could dig in the rain, so he dug me up some much larger ones too! (not pictured). I am going to make some kind of concoction for postpartum healing with these. (oil, sitz bath, spray, etc)