Friday, November 12, 2010

Fire Cider

Fire cider is a popular herbal remedy concocted by herbalists and plant people in colder months to be used as an immunity boosting tonic. I was first taught how to make this recipe by Pam Hyde-Nakai of the Sonoran Herbal Institute in 2001 and it was dubbed "Dr. Cayenne". I have made it many times since. Now, for the first time I am noticing variations in other herbalists formula's for fire cider which is interesting. I have never paid attention much before but it only makes sense people will adjust the recipe to their own needs and tastes.

Fire cider is very warming in nature and will help clear out sinus issues and promote good health during the winter months. I like to use it specifically for the nasty sinus infections I used to get when I lived out west. It just clears it right out! It is useful for colds, sinus issues and lung issues. It is extremely warming in nature and is good for treating (and preventing) wet & cold conditions.

I started a batch a couple of weeks ago. It's almost ready to be strained. yay!

The recipe I use is roughly;

2-3 good sized pieces of ginger (usually I peel and grate them this time I just chopped them as I was feeling quite lazy)
1 large horseradish root (again, grated is optimal)
1-3 tsp cayenne (I tend to use ALOT myself as I like it fiery!)
1 liter organic apple cider vinegar
1 large onion chopped
as much garlic as you can stand chopped

Add all the ingredients but the honey to a large 1/2 gallon glass jar. Cap tightly and let sit for about weeks or so. Strain and add honey to taste. Drink a "shot" daily or as needed. Bonus; it makes quite a good dressing for salads and greens.

I have noticed some herbalists don't use onions in their fire cider. I am not sure why that is. I have also noticed some people add ginseng (like Rosemary Gladstar's recipe). I myself was thinking of adding burdock next time I make a batch! So I guess my point is really anything could go in this. Use your imagination and play around with the basic recipe. (Please come back and tell me about it here too!)

The great thing about this recipe is all the ingredients can typically be found in your neighborhood grocery store so it's easily attainable for even the most beginning of herbalists!

Try to buy all organic ingredients if you can. If you are not able to get all organic or finances just don't permit it at the VERY least be sure to purchase the apple cider vinegar organic. This is important as some mainstream non organic brands are made from petroleum believe it or not! (yuck!)

I also found a recipe here by my friend Kiva Rose of the Anima Healing Arts Center & Herbal School in New Mexico for her "Gila Harvest Cider". I am definitely going to try making her version soon!


  1. funny, i have never taken time to make this April! you have inspired me:) thank you