Monday, November 15, 2010

Herbal Study Group

I have an herb project in the works and I'm so excited to pull this together! I am really longing to create an herbal study group local to me this winter/next spring. Mainly to meet other herbalists-to-be, plant medicine making students and like minded folk. I would like to possibly put this together as early as after the new year but more likely come spring. Though I am really going to try to shoot for sooner as I am anxious to put this together!

I have been working hard on brainstorming logistics and how to find others who are wanting to learn more about herbs in a cooperative type setting. I would like this to be an informal and small group held at my house or maybe the co-op meeting room or library? I am envisioning something kid and family friendly with a potluck afterwards! I have used in the past and will probably use it for this group as it is just really convenient and easy. I think it is going to serve this project well! I will probably also work on some flyers too to hang up on various bulletin boards nearby as well and write up a press release and blurb for some of the local papers.

So there is lots to do!!!!!!

Right now I am just trying to figure out how to go about organizing such a group currently so it's really in the very beginning planning stages! I think it would be really fun and awesome to connect with others wanting to learn more about herbs and learn about them together through each others experiences and as a group. I am hoping we can study one herb a month and also do a medicine making project of some sort to go with each.

I also set up a blog here too for an online study group that could coincide with this real life one! (Though the page is empty currently I will be working on putting it together in the coming weeks and months! Be sure to check back later or I will post an update here when I get some content up there!) I created the blog so my online friends, far away family and blog readers can follow along too!

Every day I am coming up with new ideas for this group and am getting more and more excited about putting this together. I have been trying to find others who run their own study groups as well to get ideas from which has been very helpful!


  1. That sounds awesome April! I know you set this blog up to post while you were having your baby:) thinking of you:)

  2. April, I really hope this all comes together for you:) I love the idea of the online site for the class also. I will really enjoy following along with it also:) That will be fun! Big herbal hugs to you and Sequoia and the rest of your family xx