Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aloe Vera Lore

Aloe Vera is often called the"burn plant" for obvious reasons. Did you know growing and keeping an aloe plant near or in your home offers protection and prevention of fires and burns? It may just be an old wives tale or superstition but a good one none the less as you really can't go wrong with keeping one nearby.


  1. I keep one in the kitchen for those very reasons. :) Did you know that supposedly, Cleopatra rubbed aloe juice on her face every single day as part of her beauty regimen? I would need a huge aloe plant to give that a try, but I did do it for a couple of days in a row, and I haven't had pimples since!

  2. That sounds lovely for the skin!:)

    Aloe reproduces FAST. If you get a bigger pot(like 4x your current one) you will have more plants within a month or two!